Eating disorders (EDs) are severe mental disorders associated with multiple, overlapping negative consequences such as role impairments, psychological distress, poor physical health and long-term negative effects on quality of life. Given their chronicity and the high mortality rate for anorexia nervosa, efforts have been made to better understand and treat these disorders. In contrast to the interest that has been shown in the understanding and treatment of the negative behaviours and thoughts, emotions have been somewhat neglected. The existing studies have focused mainly on negative affect, while specific emotions have been understudied. One emotion that seems to be particularly relevant for EDs is shame. While there are numerous studies showing that shame-proneness, defined as the tendency to experience shame in various contexts, is central for EDs, the role of state emotion is unclear. Given this lack of empirical data, the main objective of the current project is to study the experience of state shame in relation with EDs behaviors.